Jocelyn enjoys a variety of activities including helping others and spreading positivity and awareness within the school community. As a vegetarian and an owner of a cat, she has her heart devoted to animals.  She is genuinely in heaven at the theater, or hanging out with her dearest friends, or connecting to nature. Jocelyn is in pure high spirits when she is hiking in the woods, listening to music, or playing her guitar. She has been interested in writing ever since she was in elementary school. Specifically, she admires the creativity that contributes to the quality of writing, as well as the challenge of persisting through the writing pieces. She loves her family as well, and always wants to engage in laughter with them. Of all sports, she prefers to play field hockey or tennis, especially with her father. Overall, her goal is to continue including people in everything and making the environment a better place for all.

Jocelyn, Staff Writer

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