2018-2019 Staff


Staff Writer

Aadi is a fun-loving middle-schooler who loves writing and art. He is a huge fan of the basketball player Kyrie Irving. He also can play the snare drums, but his favorite instrument to play is the piano. He loves to do extracurr...


Staff Writer

Illeas is back in newspaper club for his second year and so far enjoys it. If you didn’t already know this from last year’s bio, he’s half Greek, he has a sister named Maria and a lazy dog named Maddie. He’s a Yankee a...


Staff Writer

Sadie loves pandas, cinnamon buns, and her dog, Agatha, (Aggie.)  Her favorite activities include field hockey, cheerleading, and long distance running.   In addition, she enjoys reading, especially Harry Potter.  When she is not at the center o...


Staff Writer

Aarushi loves to read. Reading is her favorite thing to do when she finds herself wrapped in boredom. She also loves writing poetry. Her favorite school subjects are science and math.


Staff Writer

Alex loves to write about sports. Though his favorite football team is the Detroit Lions, he currently plays soccer. He also has a younger brother who is very important to him.  Currently, mystery books are his favorite genre. ...


Staff Writer

Peter is a fan of horror, science fiction, and fantasy books and movies. His favorite movies include Harry Potter, Ghostbusters, Alien, Halloween, and A Nightmare On Elm Street.  He also loves shows like The Twilight Zone and Strange...


Staff Writer

Jocelyn enjoys a variety of activities including helping others and spreading positivity and awareness within the school community. As a vegetarian and an owner of a cat, she has her heart devoted to animals.  She is genuinely ...

Ms. Prata


Ms. Prata is the staff adviser for The Middlebrook Times.  Her passion is helping kids to get their writing voices heard.  In addition to being the go-to person for the newspaper club, she is the Humanities Instructional Coach at...