2017-2018 Staff


Staff Writer

Lukas really enjoys writing fictional and personal narratives, and loves to read nonfiction, especially history and geography books. He enjoys socializing with other students, and likes to talk about Greece, since he’s a Gr...


Staff Writer

Peter love horror movies like IT 2017 and Stranger Things. He loves fantasy and has two younger brothers. Skiing and reading Harry Potter are two of his favorite activities.  He has a dog and loves winter....


Staff Writer

Emily adores drawing, reading, writing, soccer, field hockey and softball. When she is not rushing around from one sport or activity to another, she is working on her own fanfiction,  The Spare: What Would Have Happened If Cedric S...


Staff Writer

Illeas is a middle-schooler who is full of good ideas. He has a younger sister. He can play the saxophone but he isn't a professional yet. His favorite sports team Yankees and Jets and he doesn’t like the Red Sox, Mets, or ...

Ms. Prata


Ms. Prata is the staff adviser for The Middlebrook Times.  Her passion is helping kids to get their writing voices heard.  In addition to being the go-to person for the newspaper club, she teaches sixth grade writing workshop...