The Percy Jackson Series: A Review

Peter, Staff Writer

April 1, 2019

In 2005, now famous author released the first book of a now famous series, Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief. The story revolves around a twelve-year-old boy with ADHD, and dyslexia, Percy Jackson, who lives in New Yor...

The End of the Toy Store?

Illeas, Staff Writer

November 30, 2017

Everyone loves toy stores. Toys R Us is one of the biggest toy stores around and has a large selection of toys that kids can choose from. There are bikes, video games, dolls, board games, legos, and more. Kids from all ages go...

The Power of Love

Adarsh, Staff Editor

December 8, 2016

It takes 21 hours, and a lot of energy to fly over to India. But sometimes that doesn’t matter. I visit India about every two or three years, and something I really look forward to is the time I spend with my cousins, uncles...

Dancing: A Sport or an Art?

November 17, 2016

Cruelty Under the Big Top

Sophia, Contributing Writer, 7-Green

June 1, 2016

Imagine that you are a little kid again, holding your mother’s hand as she leads you under the huge red and white tent that screams, “CIRCUS!” Even before you enter, the colors and various murmurs and shouts from the cro...

Rhinos: The Next DoDo?

Avery, Staff Writer

May 26, 2016

Everyone knows a rhinoceros as a big, bulky, gray creature who walks around and frolics in the mud. They aren’t exactly the cutest animals in the world, but would you think anyone would try to kill a rhino? Everywhere there are rhin...