Strategies for Self Care: Managing and Coping with Stress, Part One

Jocelyn, Staff Writer

April 8, 2019

Imagine one day, you are leniently strolling down your neighborhood sidewalk at the crack of dawn, roosters wailing in nearby prairie farms and flocks of geese squawking overhead. As you breathe in, the aroma of fresh daisies ...

The Percy Jackson Series: A Review

Peter, Staff Writer

April 1, 2019

In 2005, now famous author released the first book of a now famous series, Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief. The story revolves around a twelve-year-old boy with ADHD, and dyslexia, Percy Jackson, who lives in New Yor...

Snap! Crackle! Pop! Rice Krispie Treats Just in Time for Valentines Day

Sadie, Staff Writer

February 4, 2019

One of my favorite snacks ever is… Rice Krispie Treats! Over the weekend, I tried out a new recipe, and it worked! This is the best Rice Krispie treat recipe and it comes just in time for Valentines Day!   What You Will...

The Last Jedi, was, well, eh…

Emily, Staff Writer

May 3, 2018

Star Wars: Episode VIII: The Last Jedi hit theaters this past December, and, let’s just say it shook the entire galaxy. That is to say, there are mixed feelings on the film. Fangirls/boys of the franchise tend to lean towards ...

The Dark Side of The Last Jedi

Peter, Staff Writer

May 3, 2018

Like many people, I was excited to go and see the newest installment of the Star Wars franchise, The Last Jedi. But after I left, all I felt was disappointment. It was made to have the appearance of a good movie, but on the insi...

Remembering it All Wrong: The Mandela Effect

Illeas, Staff Writer

January 25, 2018

Imagine if some things you remember are not actually true. It’s called the Mandela effect. The Mandela effect is when our brains remember something differently than it really was. It is named after Nelson Mandela, a world l...

Kahoot Makes Quizzes Fun

Kahoot Makes Quizzes Fun

January 18, 2018

Book Folding: An Art

Book Folding: An Art

December 14, 2017

Riddle Me This!

Emily, Staff Writer

November 9, 2017

Have fun solving these riddles with your friends! Answers will be published next week. The more you take, the more you leave behind. What is it? A rich man needs it, a poor man has it, and you will die if you eat it. What is i...

Groundhog Day: A History

Henry, Staff Writer

March 30, 2017

You may have heard of a Groundhog/Woodchuck/Whistle Pig, a furry mammal that looks like a rat-beaver-platypus-mole hybrid, and you may have heard of Groundhog day, in which this large ground squirrel becomes the most famous meteoro...