The Dark Side of The Last Jedi

Peter, Staff Writer

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Like many people, I was excited to go and see the newest installment of the Star Wars franchise, The Last Jedi. But after I left, all I felt was disappointment. It was made to have the appearance of a good movie, but on the inside it was terrible.

Yeah, 91% of critics on Rotten Tomatoes may have liked it, which is a big achievement, but only 48% of movie-goers liked it. One explanation for this result is that Rotten Tomatoes rates by the standards of movies such as acting, plot, characters, effects, and entertainment. But to rate Star Wars you must take into account and consider additional things like: How serious is it? How much of the setting involves space? How many starfighters are there? And, how much does this plot continue from the last movie’s plot?

The first thing I hated right off the bat was how comedic it was and how unentertaining it was. The main plot involves Rey trying to convince Luke to come back, which takes up way too much time. While I love comedy and think it’s a great element in movies, the “code” of Star Wars is NO comedy. With all of the action, it ought to make up for the lack of comedy. In reality, the only character  who true fans “allowed” to crack the jokes and make bad puns was a little person I like to call Han Solo- the captain of the Millenium Falcon, the love interest of Leia, the one who died? Remember him? Yeah, well he was the one comedian who we all allow and accept in the Star Wars franchise. The Last Jedi is 90% comedy. UNEXCEPTABLE.

Second, I’ll point out Leia, (R.I.P. Carrie Fisher). It’s not just the fact that they had the guts to release the movie even after she had died, but the fact that she knows the force. You may not remember but, (spoiler alert ahead) when Leia is able to communicate with Kylo Ren and tells him not to blow up the bridge, then another starfighter blows up the bridge. We see Leia and some debris floating in the void of space. I personally thought this was how they were going to fit Carrie Fisher’s actual death into Leia’s cinematic death. But, I was wrong.  Instead, she does something that just doesn’t fit with the story of Star Wars: she closes her eyes and holds out her hand. Then she pulls herself to an airlock using the force. In case you didn’t understand, then let me go back. She uses THE FORCE, something that the Leia we know and love didn’t have the ability to do. “Well yeah, she may have learned!”  is what I hear all you readers thinking, but later in the movie Luke himself says that the Jedi religion has been gone for a long time. So, if we believe Luke,  no one could have taught her. Also she isn’t a Jedi; she worked for the resistance and uses a good old blaster, which added some difference between the characters because Luke works with a lightsaber and follows the Jedi religion, while Leia works for the resistance and uses her blaster. Also, this is what makes us all love her-  because she wasn’t a Jedi.

Lastly, this movie has TOO MANY SUBPLOTS! So many that I’m not even sure what the main plot is. I am pretty sure the plot revolves around Rey and Luke, but I don’t even know for sure.  First, there is Finn and Rose trying to find The Master Decoder, and they don’t even find him so they go with another shady decoder named DJ, because that was -for some reason- important to the plot. And it turns out that-  surprise, surprise- DJ, the shady decoder who they pick up, was the double-crosser. It’s not like anyone saw THAT coming (sarcasm). Then, the resistance is trying to find a new base- I found this part tacky and boring. Rey asks the question of who her parents were.  Finally, (I think), in a third possible plot, we have Rey and Kylo Ren having a telepathic connection (for some unexplained reason). While, I understand that they both know the force, we have never actually seen any of that kind of telepathy in seven movies plus a prequel story. Neither of them are force ghosts which is the only telepathy in the series, so it just doesn’t make sense. Also don’t say that Snoke was setting them up because as far as we know throughout eight previous movies this has never happened or been proven possible. Later, this leads to EVEN MORE COMEDY when Rey tells a shirtless Kylo Ren to put a shirt on. Once again, it was another example of  a pointless attempt to make the movie funny.

Once it comes out, if you make the serious mistake of watching this monstrosity and disgrace to the Star Wars name, just keep in mind the things that I’ve talked about. Hopefully you’ll see the same horribleness of this terrible movie that I saw, or you may wisely decide to avoid it entirely.

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