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This winter season, Wilton has had a lot of snow. Snow is usually awesome, especially when it causes a few snowdays. This year however, even in late March, there were was still snow on the ground. The snow has caused the district to cancel so many school days that making them up in the summer is no longer possible. In fact, the district had to make the difficult decision to add on a school day to the end of spring break, April 13th.

One issue facing many students is the conflict between summer camp start dates and the last day of school. This means that some students may be absent for the last few days of school.  With the last snow day, many students also had to miss the make-up day during April break because many families had pre-made plans for April vacation.

We have reached a state thought to be impossible: TOO MUCH SNOW!!! Madness has broken out among students. In fact, across the school you could find students no longer wishing for snow days; in fact, many of them wished them away.

So far this year we had ten days taken away and who is to say there won’t be more. That means we’ve lost nine days of summer and one day of spring as well. By the time we get out of school, some summer camps will have started and others have ended. Families may be forced to skip school or reschedule summer plans. Kids will be forced to stay in school on bright sunny days when they could be having fun. If only spring would finally arrive.

Many people wonder how much snow it usually takes for school to be cancelled. According to How Much Snow It Typically Takes to Cancel School in the U.S., written by The Atlantic, it takes about six inches of snow for Wilton to cancel school and about 12 inches for northern Connecticut to cancel school.  Interestingly, school has been cancelled this year when there were less than six inches on the ground. In fact, several times this year there have been less than six inches on the ground. We could have gotten away with a few half days, delayed openings, or even some full days of school if weather predictions had been more accurate.

Now that it’s finally May, it doesn’t seem like there will be any more days of school cancelled this year.  Winter may be one of the best seasons ever, but not this year.

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