Yearbook Club Documents Our Shared Memories

Peter, Staff Writer

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We all know what the yearbook is: a photographic collection of shared memories documenting a school year. It includes everyone’s name and photo, and, if you are an eighth grader, your photo is accompanied by a short, memorable quote. It is also chock full of photos from events such as field trips or team events. Someone has to be responsible for making that happen and it ain’t the school board, folks- it’s the yearbook club!

Mr. Matthews, 6-Green Social Studies teacher and Middlebrook’s Yearbook Club advisor, says, “My favorite thing is sharing my knowledge of photography because I myself love it so much.” And that is indeed what he does. Yearbook Club members can often be seen passing through after-school activities and clubs or during school events, capturing photos. “I like to create the yearbook for enjoyment, along with making fun photos with friends,” says 6-Red student, Norah.

The yearbook, as I’m sure we all know, has the pictures of every student in the school. In addition, it will also include pictures that some students and teachers took during school field trips and events such as: the sixth grade Bronx Zoo trip in October, the 6-Red Candy Craft in December, 8-Yellow Ellis island field trip, and the National Geographic Bee, among many other events. Most of the photos in the yearbook are taken by its club members. Throughout the year, photographs are sorted through and selected for the book. Next, once all the photos are taken and the contents are organized by its club members, the prototype is sent to the publishing company so we can get our amazing yearbook that took the whole year to make. “I just love being able to re-create what everyone forgot about throughout the year,” says Mr. Matthews about the final product.

The yearbook can be purchased for $35 by ordering it online. You can click here to get to the order form or visit the Middlebrook Clubs and Activities page on our school website.  Remember to pre-order it this month before the 30th because there won’t be any left in June.

Now that we know what the yearbook club is, maybe you can think about joining next year. So remember: when you pop open the yearbook at the end of the year, think of all those who took the photos and organized the pages- our yearbook club members.  

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