Kahoot Makes Quizzes Fun

Kahoot is a popular educational quiz game.

Kahoot is a popular educational quiz game.

Illeas, Staff Writer

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Teachers sometimes struggle to come up with fun, new ways to teach their students so that they won’t get bored. Though this can be a tough strategy to execute, there is a fun website called Kahoot to help. This website allows teachers to create online quizzes that kids can play cooperatively in the classroom. Sadie of 6-Yellow says,“It’s really nice to have the teachers quiz us on this game that can educate us on the subject we are learning.”

If taking quizzes sounds boring, Kahoot isn’t. The reason it isn’t is because it is a competition. The co-founders of Kahoot, Johan Brand, Jamie Brooker and Morten Versvik, basically put a fun spin on a quiz and created one of the most popular educational games for teachers to use in their classrooms. Six-Red student, Peter, says, “I think it’s fun. It could be a way for people to learn about history.” Hunter of 6-Green adds, “I enjoy it. It’s a fun way to review, and it still counts as school work.”

Kids love Kahoot because it’s a competitive game. In Kahoot, students are awarded points for getting the multiple choice question correct. The faster the question is answered, the more points are awarded (that is, if the answer is right). Kids want to get on the leaderboard of the top five people that you see throughout the game. After all the questions are answered, the game will show the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place podium. Then all the kids give feedback by giving the Kahoot a 0-5 star rating if they recommend it, and if they learned something, they give either a green smiley face, a yellow face with a straight line for it’s mouth, or a red frowny face.

Also, kids do not really view Kahoot as a quiz, instead, they view it as a game. Seven-Red student Lukas says, “I feel like Kahoot is a great way to have fun with my classmates and to study.”  This makes it a lot easier for teachers to teach their kids through the game.

Recently, lots of kids have started creating Kahoot accounts too. It is perfectly fine to do this since there aren’t age requirements or suggested ages for making an account. It’s also free to use. Instead of making educational Kahoots, kids can make Kahoots about books, sports, themselves, and more. After they make their Kahoots, they either ask friends, family, or even random people to play their Kahoot.

To create a Kahoot account, first you would ask your parents. Once you have their permission, you would go to Kahoot.com. After you press the sign-up button, you either choose to use this account as a teacher, student, socially, or at work. Then, you can either sign up with your google account or email. Next, you should fill out the forms on the screen. Once you’ve finished, you are free to make Kahoots.  Also, Kahoot gives users the option of keeping quizzes private or posting them for anyone to play. If you don’t want to make Kahoots and you just want to play them, you can still make an account. Users wishing to “play only” can go to the section called featured, then activate that Kahoot.
Kahoot can be activated and played on any device with a web browser such as a tablet, iPhone, or a computer. Gather other people to play after you activated it. If you really like a Kahoot that you activate, you could mark it as favorite so you are able to always activate it without having to look for it. You can mark your own Kahoots favorites as well.

As you can see, Kahoot is a great game for kids of all ages. If a student hears that there is going to be a Kahoot in a class, they will usually feel excited and eager to go to that class. Lots of kids don’t even realize that they’re learning while they are doing the Kahoot; some kids don’t realize it after either. In addition, it’s not just kids who love Kahoot, some adults, especially teachers, appreciate it, too.  In conclusion, Kahoot is a great game to play with teachers, students, friends, family, and others.

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