The End of the Toy Store?

Illeas, Staff Writer

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Everyone loves toy stores. Toys R Us is one of the biggest toy stores around and has a large selection of toys that kids can choose from. There are bikes, video games, dolls, board games, legos, and more. Kids from all ages go there. Recently though, Toys R Us has filed for bankruptcy. This means that since they’re losing money, they’re likely closing down. What does this mean for the children? Who will take over for Toys R Us as a kid’s favorite toy store? Is Amazon taking over the world and all businesses including Toys R Us? And who will stop this MADNESS?

One primary factor causing Toys R Us bankruptcy is that it owes a lot of money to a lot of different distributors. According to Washington Post, in total it has to pay 7.5 billion dollars. It owes 136 million to Mattel, 59 million to Hasbro, 33 million to Spin Master, 32 million to Lego, 12 million to Radio Flyer, and 2.6 million to Crayola. It also owes WowWee 4.1 million dollars. If it does manage to stay open, “Then it will probably lose millions of dollars.”

Another thing that is a huge rock in their financial problems is other competing businesses. Toys R Us is having a hard time competing against businesses such as Walmart and Amazon. Even if Toys R Us manages to stay open another year, who’s to say it won’t close next year? Eventually, Toys R Us will close down. Companies like Amazon and Walmart who have adapted to this generation and are selling their products online are going to “survive” for a very long time while places like Toys R Us who don’t adapt as quickly as their rivals will “die”. This happens a lot in the business world. In fact, the same thing has been done in the past to other toy stores.  As Geoffrey Chaucer once said, “ All good things must come to an end.”

The people who will probably suffer the most are the children. Some kids might break down in tears because of this. Toys R Us is some kids’ favorite place to go shopping for toys. Now that Toys R Us is closing down, kids will just have to go to a place like Walmart, shop online on a website like Amazon, or go to a local, smaller toy store such as Toy Chest in Wilton, CT (which are usually more expensive). It won’t give kids the same experience as Toys R Us. When a kid walks into Toys R Us,“They immediately see the walls, racks, and stands stuffed with toys.” It makes them feel overwhelmed with joy. Now that there will be no Toys R Us, kids won’t be able to experience this feeling when they go shopping for toys. Some kids have written letters to Toys R Us asking them to stay open. If only it was that easy.

As stated before, one of the businesses that is competing with Toys R Us is Amazon. This isn’t the first business that Amazon wiped out. This year, Amazon has bought Whole Foods. Also, earlier this year, some customers noticed one day, on Amazon’s home page there was what seemed to be a new version of “hire a realtor” service. The realty company, Zillow, breathed a sigh of relief when the website closed down the next day. Amazon wasn’t allowed to use the term “realtor” so it closed it down. Trade publication The Real Deal predicted Zillow “may soon meet its match.”  There is even a rumor that Amazon is going to purchase Capital One. That may explain why the website made the comparison that Amazon could swallow small business lending “like a python.”

In conclusion, Toys R Us is most likely going to close. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything you can do to help unless you can donate 7.5 billion dollars to Toys R Us or you shopped at Toys R Us, non stop and didn’t got to Amazon, Walmart, or place like that. It may even be too late for that.

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The End of the Toy Store?