The Power of Love

Adarsh, Staff Editor

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It takes 21 hours, and a lot of energy to fly over to India. But sometimes that doesn’t matter. I visit India about every two or three years, and something I really look forward to is the time I spend with my cousins, uncles, aunts, and especially my grandparents. Throughout my thirteen years, my grandparents have shown immense sacrifice and care. But because it is clearly evident in their actions, behavior and attitude towards me, they never have to tell me that.  Real love is always revealed by one’s actions

The fact that my grandparents are two generations ahead of me, and their interests and favorites are different than mine, has no effect on the quality time that we spend. Often times, I come up to them and ask them a question, and they take much of their time to discuss the topic. It might only take a few minutes or even more than an hour. The answers that I receive are unique and give me better insight to how to approach a problem or situation. They show how to always look on the brighter side. Sometimes they, without me asking, give me valuable advice that I would have never thought of. I find it hard to work with some people because their level and area of interest might be in conflict with mine. But my grandparents are nothing like that; whether I ask for it or not they are always ready to help me.

The actions that my grandparents perform and the assistance that they lend me is always with sincerity and love, obvious that they want to help me. I remember one time when I was little: I was sketching a picture and I asked my grandmother to come and show me how to draw a figure. She immediately dropped what she was doing, came over, and did so. It didn’t matter that what she was doing might have been important, and what she was helping me with was just a four-year-old picture. It would have eventually been thrown away anyway. But to my grandmother, my growth and happiness were above all her necessities and desires. That is how I know that my grandparents genuinely love me; something that is demonstrated through action and doesn’t have to be said to be understood. There are very few people in each of our lives, that intimately love us like that, and for me, my grandparents are two of those type of persons.

True and genuine love is always determined by what a person does. That is something that we need to understand. In order to tell someone that we love them, all we need to do is proclaim it through what we do. When others realize the sincerity in our actions, they will appreciate it. That same love will shoot back at us. That is the power of love.

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The Power of Love