Philadelphia Trip Brings Students Together

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Philadelphia Trip Brings Students Together

8-Red students visit Philadelphia.

8-Red students visit Philadelphia.

8-Red students visit Philadelphia.

8-Red students visit Philadelphia.

Adarsh, Staff Editor

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On the October 10th, 2016, the 8Red team embarked on a spectacular journey to the historic city of Philadelphia. According to Mr. Panoli of 8-Red, “Going to Philadelphia every year is an awe inspiring trip.”

The students and teachers visited many locations and sites associated with a our country’s birth, and learned about how the early Founding Fathers fought for the struggle of independence from Britain- the fight to be free. Mr. Panoli added, “Watching the students sit in the places of our founding fathers and knowing one day they might be just as revolutionary is just something magical.”

The 8-Red team met at 5:45AM, and left the school on a three hour drive to Philly by 6AM. The first stop was the Great Essentials building, which contained replicas of many well-known and important documents including the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Then, was Congress Hall, where students listened to an interesting presentation of where the original delegates from the 13 colonies met and continued to meet, throughout the Revolutionary War, and for a short while after as well. Some of the rooms included the original room of the House of Representatives, the original meeting place of the Senate, and numerous rooms where the different ‘war committees’ met.

After that, the students went to Franklin Court, an area including the remains of Benjamin Franklin’s house, a rebuilding of its structure, a restaurant, a museum and a replica of his printing office. There, students learned how the printing business operated at the time, and how it hugely impacted the country through it being a new and exciting way to spread ideas, news and opinions. Finally, before lunch, the students went to Christ Church, where the newest of the building is at least 300 years old. Many of our Founding Fathers and leaders, especially Benjamin Franklin were buried there and went to worship quite often. A couple of kids even sat inches away from George Washington’s seat! It was particularly surprising to learn that the Church is continuously used, even today.

After lunch, the 8-Red team walked down to Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence and the American Constitution was signed, and the Articles of Confederation were written. This was one of the places where our Founding Fathers met, and many other documents were formulated.

After an awe-filled trip through Independence Hall, the students and teachers, visited the Liberty Bell Center. According to Chris, from 8-Red, “The Liberty Bell, although no longer in use, has come to symbolize freedom and hope for those who have none.” The site included many displays which elaborated and traced the importance of the Liberty Bell throughout our country’s history.

The final stop was at the Constitution Center, a place focused on bringing not only the Constitution, but also our country’s government, structure, the powers of each branch, the president, and so much more- to life.  A presentation was delivered by the staff at the center, and then students were allowed time to explore, discover, and learn about our country through the museum-like setup and displays.

This trip certainly enriched every student’s understanding of our country government. Both students and staff had a good time.  Mr. Schluntz, English teacher on 8-Red, said, “I love the Philly trip because of how it brings the team together as we work with each other to navigate all the adventures of the day… I always come back feeling a bit more proud of my team and that happened again this year.”

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Philadelphia Trip Brings Students Together