Poetry in Motion is Set in Motion

Seventh and eighth graders are excited to participate in Poetry in Motion.

Seventh and eighth graders are excited to participate in Poetry in Motion.

Ryan, Staff Writer

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Poetry In Motion is an annual poetry competition and performance for grades 7-12. It provides an opportunity for kids who love to write poetry or perform musically or theatrically to showcase their talents.  

In order to participate in this event, students must have written a poem relating to a the theme. This year’s theme is But Wait, There’s More!

There’s more to me!

There’s more to say, see or do!

There’s more to life!

There’s more fun to come!

There’s more beyond high school!

There’s more outside of Wilton!

The poem could be short, sad, funny, or long – as long it relates to the theme.

Interested students sent submissions to [email protected]. Approximately 30-35 poems were be chosen to be performed in late March.

Once a poem is chosen, students will work with Mrs. Candels, an English teacher at Middlebrook, and Regie Gibson, National Poetry Slam Champion and famous lecturer and educator, in poetry workshops. These workshops, along with several rehearsals are mandatory and will help student prepare their work for a wider audience. All accepted poets are required to attend workshops.  There are editing workshops, performing workshops, and rehearsals. These are mandatory, but, according to Mrs. Candels, there are multiple workshops to prevent missing one, and there is some flexibility in special cases.

Also, participants have the option to have their poems accompanied by musicians or dancers. All poems will be showcased with photographs taken by the A.P. photography class at Wilton High School. Nancy Ponturo is a widely known director who will be in charge during the rehearsals.

Students who love to write but don’t like performing, can choose to let someone else perform their poem. Students who love to act but don’t want to write, can perform poems written by other students.

Poem submissions were due October 31st and the performances will be held March 24 and 25th. Mark your calendars!  

Please contact Susan Lauricella (203-762-6342) at Teen Services at the Wilton Library for any questions regarding Poetry In Motion.

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