SuperMario Maker: The Possibilities are Endless

Super Mario Maker lets players create their own gaming experiences.

Super Mario Maker lets players create their own gaming experiences.

Austin and Justin

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Almost everyone has heard of the famous Super Mario series. Most people have played one of the games at least once. Lots of people have even wished they could make their own level. Now, you can because it’s easy and the possibilities are endless!

Some people may say that this is just another one of those lame “make your own” games. You could say it is; however, the content is still different from your average “make your own” game. The possibilities are nearly endless.

In this game, you can use nearly all of the enemies, blocks, and items that you stumbled across in the other Super Mario games, such as Koopas (the turtles), Goombas (the little brown mushrooms that kill you EVERY SINGLE TIME!), and Super Mushrooms (the classic red and white mushroom that makes you taller).

There are four different Super Mario game styles to choose from when building your level. There’s Super Mario Bros. (one of the classics), Super Mario Bros. 3 (a Mario game that some people deemed “Weird” due to it’s different play style), Super Mario World (the fun loving game featuring Mario’s pal for the first time), and New Super Mario Bros. U (one of the newest). Each style matches with the textures, game mechanics, and (one or two) different items in each version of the game.

There are so many different levels out there in Super Mario Maker. Some made by Nintendo, and some made by other players, like you. There are levels of any type you could think of. There are “rage” levels, levels designed to make you rage and possibly throw your controller across the room; automatic levels, a level that plays itself, an extremely difficult feat, but fairly impressive; music levels, made possible with the brand new music block, similar to a note block; and levels that are just plain fun to play. The creativity and possibility is endless. With all of these people working together, there are millions of variations to play.

If you’re up for a challenge, you can play the 10 Mario Challenge! It’s when you must go through an onslaught of ten levels selected by the game for you to play. As you may have guessed, you only have ten lives, although you can get three extra lives per level, at most. You also can play the 100 Mario Challenge, which is the same thing, but with 100 lives instead. I would recommend starting off with that one.

The level creator is very quick and easy to learn because it’s very simple and straightforward, and generally customizable. You create levels using the Wii U gamepad and stylus. You drag a block, item, or enemy onto the grid to place it. Once you’ve been building for a certain amount of time, a notification will pop up saying that you’ve unlocked a new set that will arrive another day. When you play that day, a new set will appear with tons of new items and features you can put in your level! There are simple undo and erase buttons, and if you prefer them, button shortcuts for them as well.

You might prefer to make levels based around boss fights, or perhaps around a single block. You might enjoy creating a smooth, laid back level. Something that might have been in the classic Mario games. You might also want to make a music level, or a self-playing level. Or, you might want to spend your time creating a level that will make the player rage, where you may or may not want to throw your controller out the window. Feeling creative? With all these options available, what will you make?

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