Minecraft is Much More Than it Seems

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Minecraft is Much More Than it Seems

Alice, Staff Writer

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Minecraft. You may have heard of this game from friends and family, but what is the fun behind it? The game is just blocks, right? Minecraft is much more than it seems because it can suit many tastes, it can mimic everyday life, and you can meet your friends. (This may include some small spoilers)

There are two types of worlds you can make, creative and survival. In creative, you have unlimited materials use and you can fly. This mode allows you to be creative, just like the name says. People use this to create artistic works. Pixel art, statues, and massive cities are just a few things you can build. Many have built amazing structures. This shows that Minecraft is not only for playing, it can be an artistic app too.

In survival, you have to gather resources to survive. You also have to fight monsters. Monsters vary from dimension to dimension. In the Overworld, for example, where you spawn, some monsters include zombies, skeletons, creepers, spiders, and endermen. Sound scary? There’s an option for no monsters in a survival world for people who think everything in survival is enough to worry about. It can also be fun. This element of Minecraft adds some action. It could be fun to fight off monsters. You would be popular in Minecraft if you’re a expert on monster slaying, right?

In Minecraft, houses are all constructed and designed by you. In other games, you may want to have your bed next to the door, but there may be no room to place it there because of the game’s design limitations. In Minecraft, however, it’s easy to fix. Just remove some blocks in the wall and place it a bit farther back. Plus, your house could look like anything from a rocket to an apartment. Isn’t that cool?  You can build your world according to your tastes!

In Minecraft, players can also have pets. Yes, you can get a pet on Minecraft. You can tame wolves to be dogs and ocelots to be cats. Other games have pets, but these Minecraft pets protect you, the player. In Minecraft, just like in life, pets that belonging to you are extremely loyal. These pets would fight to death just so you are safe and sound. You might not want a fighting pet, so these pets are also just lovable. They’ll walk beside you, even if they will stray off behind sometimes, just like your household dog might do.

In addition, you could go to a server where you can meet others. Specifically your friends. It’s a way to meet them outside of school. So maybe your parents won’t have people over. Just by getting on Minecraft, you and your friends could be having fun.  This provides you with a new way to be social.

Minecraft allows you to be creative, with almost no rules at all. It’s no wonder why people like it. You could create pixel art. Updates and mods add materials and animals for you to use. Three editions allow you to play this game almost anywhere. There are also handbooks that some players buy for more info on this game of blocks. Those cover essential info, redstone info, combat info, and construction info. Try out Minecraft. It’s still pretty popular. Yes, you have to pay for it, but the game is worth every penny.


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