World Language Week: A Celebration of World Culture

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World Language Week: A Celebration of World Culture

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Cathy, Staff Writer

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This week, Middlebrook school’s world language department will be continuing a great tradition, World Language Week! Both French and Spanish students of all grades will be celebrating languages from around the world and appreciating the languages spoken by Middlebrook students.

Madame/Senora Dunn, the 6-Red world language teacher says, “We celebrate World Language Week in order to have students appreciate diverse languages worldwide, and appreciate the learning we do here in different target languages in Middlebrook School.”

Starting March 28th and ending the 1st of April, it’s one fun week packed with activities, like the assembly that is called Music of Earth which takes place on March 29th. The music performance will be performed during two assemblies.

Part of the week’s celebrations include students making special announcements over the loudspeaker. A few students will begin the morning by saying hello in different languages, not just French or Spanish. Also, the world language department has decided to play a riddle game by announcing clues and so students can guess what country each teacher is from.

Across Middlebrook, each team and class will be doing something different, for example, Mrs. Quagliarello the language teacher in 8 Red, puts together a team of 8th graders to decorate and promote world language week. Meanwhile, Mr. Bonito, the 7-Yellow Spanish teacher, says,  “Personally, in the past, I have had students research the World Cup and form their own teams and narratives, in Spanish. I’ve also explored other languages with students.”

There is also an international cooking competition, on Wednesday, March 30th, called Middlebrook International Top Chef, students cook and bring in a dish from another country, and teacher-judges taste them. Participants can make an appetizer, main course, or dessert. Students can team up with one other person, from any grade or color, or participate on their own

Some students might wonder, “What if you don’t take a language?” Madame/Senora Dunn, says not to worry because this is a school-wide event. Kids who don’t take a language will share their personal knowledge from their heritage or family, for example.


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