Team Celebrates Achievement with Pancakes

Six-Red students enjoy a pancake breakfast served by their team teachers.

Six-Red students enjoy a pancake breakfast served by their team teachers.

Fiona O., Staff Writer

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Each quarter on 6-Red, there is a special tradition which spans the last few years.  All the students who earned straight-A’s receive a special invitation to a breakfast at school, cooked and served by their team teachers. Students get to sit, relax, and eat a variety of different treats. What a reward for hard work!

Dr. Priest, a social studies teacher, and Ms. Prata, a writing teacher, started this tradition. According to Ms. Prata, “We began this tradition many years ago, when Dr. Priest and I taught together at Schaghticoke Middle School in New Milford. When I joined 6-Red, we decided to bring this celebration to our team students to honor their hard work.” That was three years ago and each quarter they, and all the other teachers on team, have continued this tradition.

The teachers have to prepare on their own time. Mrs. Geissler provides the students with her room, Mrs. Dunn sets up the tables and chairs the day before, Ms. Prata bakes muffins at home, Dr. Priest comes in at 7:00 A.M. to cook bacon and put together egg frittatas, and Ms. Ulrich and Mrs. Epstein cook pancakes.  All of them are here to greet the students as they arrive and the team teachers work together to serve up breakfast and then clean up before the morning bell rings.  

The food on the menu is simply delicious. There are chocolate chip or plain pancakes, egg frittatas with or without sausage, corn or blueberry muffins, and, to put on top of any of them, syrup and whipped cream. “Delicious!” exclaimed Vivian, a student who attended the straight-A’s breakfast. Emily, Melanie, and Nathan, who were there, too, agree, having exclaimed, “It was really good!” The atmosphere in that room was definitely a cheery one as the students savored each morsel and chatted with the other students.

According to Dr. Priest, around 20 students every quarter get straight-A’s and are able to attend the breakfast. This year, there were 28 students there enjoying the food. Out of those 28 students, 22 of them were girls and six of them were boys.

Our principal, Mrs. Coleman, walked around the room, congratulating students on their good job as she sampled the breakfast. “Did you know your teachers could cook like this?” she commented, smiling, while standing next to one of the tables. She continued to make light conversation with the students. Dean Higgins, Dean of 6-Red, also complimented students on their good grades. He walked to each table, smiling, as he saw how well the students on his team were doing and how nice the teachers were to reward them.

Events like this one are special because of the time that the teachers put into rewarding the students and how they find it important to do that. Students also want to feel like they are getting something out of all their hard work and the teachers are providing that for them with recognition like this.

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Team Celebrates Achievement with Pancakes