And Then There Were None is Not a Bedtime Story

Fiona O.

Fiona O., Staff Writer

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Ten people are invited to an island by an anonymous host. Each of them has one thing in common: they have each killed someone.

Anthony Marston is a reckless driver who killed two children.

Mrs. Rogers and Mr. Rogers cause the death of their elderly employer by withholding her medicine.

General Macarthur sends his late wife’s lover to his death on a doomed mission.

Emily Brent is a woman who dismissed her maid, Beatrice Taylor, because Beatrice was pregnant out of wedlock. Beatrice then drowned herself.

Dr. Armstrong is a doctor who operated on a patient while drunk, killing her.

William Blore is a private investigator who is bribed to falsify his testimony against an innocent man, causing the man, James Landor, to be sentenced to life imprisonment. He dies in prison.

Phillip Lombard is a soldier who leaves a South African tribe to starve and die, after taking their food.

Justice Wargrave sentences several individual murderers to death in court.

One by one, they are being killed. Trapped on an island, they only know that one of them is the murderer. But will they be able to figure it out in time? Or will they be too late?

Frankly, I found this book, And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie, chilling. Agatha Christie did an excellent job employing the use of suspense. She did this by having each of the people die off individually, surrounded by mystery. I think that it is an excellent thriller. I would definitely recommend it to everyone. I loved the high stakes of life or death that Christie sets for the characters.  Also, Christie lets the readers know that the characters are all in danger while the characters themselves are unaware.  Together, these suspense techniques keep the reader wanting to get to the next page.

I read this a little too close to bed, to be honest, so I had trouble getting to sleep that night! This just goes to show how suspenseful and eerie this book is.

So, if you decide to read this book, you may want to avoid this book too close to bedtime because it’s difficult to put down and it may keep you up at night.


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