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Select The Selection as Your Next Read

Avery, Staff Writer

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The Selection by Kiera Cass left me wondering how a world fated to be so terrible could have such a happily-ever-after ending.  Cass’s novel is about a world where the people are separated into eight castes. The first caste is the royalty; the second, the celebrities; the third, the great minds; the fourth, the businessmen; the fifth, the artists and performers; the sixth, the workers; the seventh, the manual laborers; and the eighth caste are the untouchables.

America Singer, the main character, is in the fifth caste, and she sings for a living. Her mother; father; sister, May; and brothers, Gerard, Kota, and Kenna are all either singers or painters. All at once, her world is turned upside down as the prince of the kingdom, Prince Maxon, announces that he needs to be crowned with a princess and The Selection begins.

America is chosen along with 35 other girls to be one of the contestants who will be filtered out slowly over the course of  months until one is left- Maxon’s bride. America has to face many trials and tribulations, while all she really wants is to be back home with her family. But when she finds out that a childhood friend is a guard, and her feelings towards Maxon grow stronger, she is caught in a huge web of emotions that she can’t control. The plot is made more complex by rebels who want to attack the Illea royalty.

This is a classic girl-falls-in-love-with-boy, girl-falls-in-love-with-another-boy, girl-is-confused story, but it isn’t too sappy! If you like romance that is also action-packed, read this book. I should warn you though: at the end of this book, you will NOT find out whether America marries Maxon or not, so I will just put that out there.

I really liked this book. One reason is because I love action that is really swift, and that describes this story’s pace. Also, readers really get attached to all of the characters, especially America and her new maid Lucy, as well as America’s little sister.

Lucy is the sweetest thing, cute and innocent while still being fiery at the same time. It’s hard not to love her! And America’s sister, May, is really cute, although she does have a temper at times.  Despite this personality flaw, May is America’s biggest cheerleader. Her happiness is practically contagious even though she is just a character in a book!

Although it has many great qualities, this book is not perfect. It has romance that can sometimes be a little too detailed for my tastes, but perhaps some readers might like this. Also, there are a lot of characters that can be hard to tell apart. Overall though, this is a really good book, so I think that if any readers like this kind of story, The Selection should be on their read-next list.

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