Hidden Gems, A Talent Show, Only Better!

Winnie, Guest Writer

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Any student in all of Middlebrook school from either sixth, seventh, or even eighth grade can show everyone their interesting talent that they are passionate about through the remarkable group of Hidden Gems any Friday. Sometimes even teachers can perform if they would like to impress the crowd with a talent that not even their fellow teachers know they have.

This opportunity is called Hidden Gems. It allows students or staff to show the school community their special hidden talent. And you don’t have to perform alone if you can find someone that feels comfortable performing in front of almost the audience in the main lobby on a little stage.  Performances are held while busses are arriving from 8:00 – 8:15 am.  Students or staff can perform as a solo, duo, or a with a small or large group!

Students can sign up to perform by contacting Team Change. Once a student contacts Team Change, they will then give the performer a Google classroom code.  Once in the Google Classroom, the performer either types or posts a video of their talent to submit their entry. Next, Gavin, a seventh-grade Team Change member, will find contact the student performer. After that, the student will meet with Mr. Matthews, the 6-Green Social Studies teacher, to plan for and set up the necessary equipment. Once a day is set, the performer just needs to show up on time, and show off their amazing talent!

Hidden Gems was started by Team Change, a club that helps the school community. Mr. Mathews wanted to help out more in our school so he decided to join the group as well.  As Mr. Mathews says, Hidden Gems is “a way to have students demonstrate a talent that they don’t usually have an opportunity to in school.”

There are so many types of possible performances for Hidden Gems. Some of these might include singing, playing an instrument, dancing, drawing, comedy routines, and even magic tricks. In addition, if a student has a totally different, unique talent, they are welcome to perform that too. This group is open to creative performances that are reasonably possible to perform in the lobby area on Friday mornings.

Hidden Gems has been around for about four years and has kept going strong. The students seem to love watching their friends and siblings share a performance they are passionate about. Olive, a Middlebrook student says, “It’s something new and exciting, lifting students spirits on a Friday morning.” Also, Lydia, another Middlebrook student says, “It is fun to see people performing on Friday mornings! ”

Hidden Gems allows students and teachers to share their amazing talents with our larger, school community!

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