Summer Camp: To Go or Not to Go, That is the Question

Sadie, Staff Writer

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This summer, I spent an awesome week at Camp Mohawk. My cabin mates were nice, my counselors were great, and all the activities were fun. I had so much fun, that the first thing I said to my mom was, “Hi! Camp was awesome! Can I go back next year for two weeks?” Again, camp was awesome for me, but some kids might wonder, “Should I go to sleepaway camp?”

The answer is: YES!  Some people might say it’s too early to think about summer camp, but many camp registrations begin in December and January, so it’s just the right time to consider it!  

One reason why you should go to summer camp is because you make friends that will last forever. Even though my Cabin Kids live in southern CT, or even NY, we still keep in touch, talking about Halloween, boring classes, and after school clubs. We are constantly sending funny BitMojis, funny photos, and our favorite times at camp. Even if we all had different camp activities, we still made funny inside jokes during siesta, bedtime, and meals. I totally agree with the quote, “When strangers become friends then friendships last a lifetime.”

Another reason why you should go to camp is because  it keeps you super busy. I was always one of the kids “doing something” in the summer- lemonade stands, diving class, or even painting- I was out there. When watching shows about camp like Camp Rock I thought camp was mainly about just sitting around, but I was wrong.  At summer camp, camplers are always given something to do. You can wake up at 6:30 and take care of horses,  go to the waterfront during Rec, and write notes during siesta. I personally loved it! When I came back, I found myself feeling bored, even if we were doing something. I felt like I still had a bit of camp in me; I carried it around wherever I went. As they say, you can take the kid out of camp, but you can’t take the camp out of the kid.

And the last reason you should go to camp is because even if you don’t get all you want, you still have so much fun! One of my camp friends, Kit, didn’t pass the swim test, along with others in our cabin. But, we all cheered each other up, and we had so much fun! In my opinion, the swim test was nothing, but the memories were everything. We have all year to prepare for the next swim test, but we only had one week together. Also, we had so much fun making inside jokes, and laughing. One time in school, I was texting my camp friends about an inside joke, and my friend looked over my shoulder and said, “What’s so special about Blended Drinks, Crunch Bars, Crocodiles, and Cara?” And all I did was laugh- it was hard to explain. 

In total, I would always suggest going to  camp. My own experience would recommend it. Camp On!

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